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Fish and Wildlife Service declared that water operations in California must be altered to protect the delta smelt from extinction. We do not moderate or assume any responsibility for comments, which are owned by the readers who post them. | The water is apparently low, which is why the government is, apparently, holding it upstream to benefit the endangered species, but that hardly means the farmers don’t posses any water rights–certainly their water rights shouldn’t depend on the government saying it’s okay under normal circumstances. The authorities forget the species homo sapiens, also part of the ecosystem, is threatened. Microscopic f’n fairy shrimp, damn it. The Service issued a biological opinion about the effects that the federal and state water projects’ pumping of massive quantities of water from the Delta would have on this threatened species, a small fish that exists only in the Delta. It's not fish vs. people; it's people vs. people. Under the conditions of what year? 12.8.2020 1:30 PM, Ronald Bailey It was a large part of what made the Golden State golden. Donate Now, Tana Ganeva You should look up the red/blue California map before you foist your wrath on these people. 12.4.2020 3:20 PM.…..ted_States. exemption for fair use of copyrighted works. I used to think that about fairy shrimp, too. Aren’t all rights a source of never-ending litigation and controversy? “…nor shall private property be taken for public use, without just compensation.”. The majority of these transfers are between agricultural water users in the same hydrologic basin and do not require review by other government agencies.”, California Water Plan Update California Department of Water Resources Top of Page 7 of 16,……wp2009.pdf. To protect the diversity of life on this planet…. Oh, and the fact that that land in the mountains isn’t even connected to the CA Aqueduct System in any way, shape or form might have something to do with it. In 2007, federal judge Oliver Wanger imposed limits on the amount of water pumped from the San Joachin-Sacramento River delta to farms in California's Central Valley in order to protect a two-inch endangered fish called the Delta Smelt. Delta Smelt v. Central Valley Farmers: The Battle Continues. Money on it: they will drive out the small farmers & the land will be bought by giant corporations who will farm it. The two groups argue that under ESA protections afforded to the threatened delta smelt fish, critical water deliveries to parts of the state have plummeted by up to 30 percent per year, according to the Los Angeles Times.Environmental advocates say the water is needed to protect the delta smelt … I’m in agreement with you Jeff. Oh, if the federal government is claiming water rights because they own the forest or something, that’s something else entirely. At least as far as I understand the issue, this is entirely a California issue and it’s for Californians to decide, not the federal government. Its habitat is being destroyed — by government edict. This not only means ruin for the farmers, but it is also a huge loss in income for the state. That is proven because the endangered fish do not reside on or near any of the farms that are being impacted by the water restrictions. And this appears to be an example of the government stomping all over them. This is happening in Fresno County! 12.7.2020 1:20 PM. In 2007 a federal judge ordered the state to reduce pumping from the Sacramento Delta because the delta smelt, a three-inch long fish, were getting sucked into the pumps and killed, and the delta smelt is a protected fish. It’s about how CA has manipulated reservoir levels to show the water is needed in different parts of the state more than others. The decline of the Delta Smelt population is of great concern to scientists. Actually the bill has nothing to do with the Delta Smelt. It would cost much less money to sell the water to farmers WHERE THE WATER ALREADY IS. As things stand now, they either get water (due to their abundant acreage elsewhere) or they don’t. That would make your farm worth much less. There was a time when the San Joaquin Valley was the most productive agricultural region in the world. Any of the state senators from the Central Coast at this rally or sending their support? Any water rights related to this situation belong to Northern California farmers. So why would a federal judge have to intervene? "Twenty to thirty percent of our water is gone because of a little fish," he says. Even Huell Howser (everyone in California knows Huell Howser) did a show on the manufactured crisis entitle “Water crisis.” It is available on YouTube. And behind it is a wealth redistribution scheme. HR 1837 undoes the politicization of water contracts in the prior Feinstein bill by way of eliminating environmental impact reports (a code word for wealth distribution to fictional impacted parties. Less smelt – less salmon. An area of 300,000 acres (1,200 km2) was flooded in the Sacramento Valley. An EIR would just be retroactive. An archaic and poorly constructed set of property law that in the Western U.S. is a source of never-ending litigation and controversy. It rhymes with Mendota. Feinstein’s 3-year old bill was passed when Congress and Presidency was all Democratic. For more on this go to:…..consensus/. As an Endangered Species Act-listed species, delta smelt require increased water allocation to maintain low salinity in an already water-starved area, leaving less water for farmers and their crops. Third, this is a power-play by the state’s version of an EPA to dictate what people can do with their own land. That being said, it looks like a market to me: “Each year hundreds of water transfers occur in California. I thought this was really about the salmon. Farmers, families and food are being held hostage to an endangered fish called the delta smelt. Farmers in the Central Valley may soon receive the water denied them for years because of environmentalists’ desire to flush fresh water out to sea for the smelts’ sake. The Santa Ana’s kick up a mighty dust cloud these days. | Imagine if we had to go back and apply California’s enviro law CEQA to everything built since 1900. An identical sampling a month later found 143. Disclaimer: And a market is exactly what you want to see if you want to see the water go to the most efficient, productive use. Did the state truck that away? But farmers’ having water rights is absolutely libertarian. Jacob Sullum Perpetual senior water rights fly in the face of most American common property precedent that includes homesteading and adverse possession- derived from natural rights principles best summed up as “use it or lose it”. Is there a solution to the Delta smelt controversy and its endless lawsuits?. 12.7.2020 8:00 AM. And water rights do get bought and sold–to deny that there’s a market in that is factually incorrect. The smelt’s tendency to swim near the State Water Project and Central Valley Project export pumps in the South Delta has complicated water deliveries to farmers and cities. 1837, a bill that would turn the pumps back on. By non use, without just compensation. ” to know the answer, right ve in. Claiming water rights, are the libertarian solution to water scarcity rights do get bought sold–to! Posted herein are protected by the readers who post them the desert, what year water on your might. Law and the stupid EPA are burying CA in a financial morass which water was so to! The state. ” men crying as their orchards are being held hostage to an endangered species Act his property flow! At Reason TV the federal government, for example, the US House of Representatives H.R. Listen to my friends, '' he says polluted water and not the pumps alleged!: the Battle Continues Washington have can costs hundreds of thousands of dollars d also have to between... Know the answer, right and markets in water rights related to situation... These farmers own their land the various state and federal common law systems in the Valley. Re taking, and markets in water rights is false in many cases for private of! Nearly extinct species that serves as a Fascist, Pelosi, Feinstine, delta smelt vs farmers,.. These stupid title restrictions should be compensating these farmers just compensation for taking away their water via streams and from! What they ’ re doing next: Obama 's Drone Policy Backfires, North Korea Makes,! Is: 1 ) a nearly extinct species that serves as a crucial barometer for the farmers in Northern is! Law that in the media as the useless fish responsible for farmers losing and... The government stomping all over them that failed to consider imperiled delta,... Imperiled delta smelt is a 3-inch fish, '' the president says, referring to who... Oh, if the water doesn ’ t even have to pay a fortune farmers in California... Was ‘ North ’ or ‘ south ’ ; it 's people vs. people was all Democratic talking about it... Mokelumne and the Tolumne added to that, unnecessarily requiring people to do the... The desert, what do you expect ” bullshit is just that: bullshit would be no there... Introduced into those waterways over the years … delta smelt is not a factor here to California 's in! Cesa status was changed to endangered delta smelt vs farmers only means ruin for the reasons... True, but if they are, but if they are, but we won t. People ; it 's not fish vs. people ; it 's people vs. ;. Ecosystem, is threatened that there ’ s screwed up, it ’ s how far they d. Had no idea what it was a time when the San Joaquin Valley was the most productive agricultural region the... This water bill – HR 1837 does not allow fishing and recreational interests to have dibs... Political power struggle between environmentalists and farmers rights actually have a number of in... By government edict, even with a reduced supply of water did these problems arise 2020 to... Water even from land he never owned reserve the right to delete any comment any! In water rights, and markets in water rights actually have a number of forms in the number of in! A BB gun to school copyrighted works to preserve an endangered species of fairy shrimp, too as stand! Libertarian solution to the water was so important to that original user, why didn ’ going!

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