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You can have your foot flat … The camshaft position sensor calculates the camshaft speed and transmits this information to the electronic control module. I have a 1988 honda cicvic.I went up a hill on the freeway and my car started jerking and slowing down. It is a 1996 Opel Corsa. Is the check engine light illuminated? Therefore, I urgently need some possible advice or recommendations regarding this issues with my car. You may be able to drive slow on flat roads but once you get to an uphill road, you likely won’t be going anywhere fast. But if these problems get any worse, then even driving on flat roads will eventually become a challenge too. This would limit the engine’s power considerably and certainly make it harder to drive the vehicle up a hill. I have to ease of be4 i get any revs. If it’s really hot outside, your vehicle will have higher intake air temperatures. My 1996 opel corsa is losing power while driving, and sometimes it is cuts out completly. We recommend that you maintain these parts well. Fuel injectors are the last parts before the combustion chamber in a long list of components that make up the fuel system. As much as the internal combustion chamber needs clean fuel, it also needs clean air to be mixed together with it to keep the engine powerful. Quick question for the girl friend. any solution for this please? It’s true, if the electrical system is messed up in a way that prevents the signal from properly reaching the fuel system components (injectors, fuel pump, etc) from the ECU, the vehicle could struggle or die. If an injector gets clogged, it affects the spray pattern and the injector’s ability to atomize fuel. You’ll need to do some digging to know for sure what your options are. Start with basic maintenance items (spark plugs, wires, etc) and make sure they are in good condition. I have a 54 plate Corsa C. A couple of weeks ago an orange engine symbol illuminated on the dashboard. BUT STILL THE SAME. You’re likely also running the air conditioning, which makes the engine work a bit harder. And there are lots of causes behind your car losing the POWER especially when accelerating, some of them are: Malfunction of Actuators such as: bad spark plugs, bad fuel pump, bad injectors. btw your mechanic is bs'ing you about the pressure plate being too hard which buggered the crank position sensor, that's a k@k story. If this gap becomes too great, the spark may not always be able to jump the gap. Unless you left out a lot of details, I’d be looking for a new mechanic. Happens mostly when in standby traffic nd pulling of and stopping. 2. Coming up a big hill one practice drive, it started kicking like a mule when I gave it gas. I noticed a week ago it was not accelerating well I went to the mechanic he said fuel pump it needed to be cleaned which was done., few days again noticed it was not climbing well mechanic said spark plugs cleaned it. About a week ago my opel vectra C 2.2 doesn’t go faster as it was when climbing a hill, it goes alright on a level ground, what do I do please? Hi Driving home tonight I set off from a stop and on accelerating the engine starting juddering, after a couple of miles the EML started flashing for 10 seconds and went off and the ESC light came on but didn't go off along with a message saying 'service ESC'. Does it also mainly happen at low revs for you? If your car is losing power in hot temperatures, it’s important to be aware that your air conditioning uses a portion of your engine’s power. Fuel filters typically have a service interval for when they must be changed. Those symptoms can be a few things but I would suspect the fuel pump relay, coil, crank sensor. You must log in or register to reply here. Strangely, we had a similar problem with my wife's Toyota Yaris. I’m going to try the fuel filter first. After the car has warmed up the engine momenterly looses power then the Tachometer goes to zero but the engine still works. It is important to have a clean air filter that is not clogged so air can continue to pass through the filter and enter the chamber without the impurities in it. Spark plugs are a cheap and easy fix. You will feel as if you are losing power while you accelerate. Its also intermittent. Any other advice is likely to cost you money and patience in trial and error parts replacing. Vacuum leaks often only affect vehicles at idle, but if the leak is bad enough it may affect overall vehicle performance. Report; Follow; Asked by Deyalan 8 hours ago about the 2004 Opel Corsa C. Question type: Maintenance & Repair. Assuming your basic maintenance is up to date, take it to a shop to have them diagnose the root cause. Initially it was only in first gear but I now can have it in any gear. Vauxhall Limp Mode: Losing Acceleration (P2282) For the past couple of months, my Vauxhall Insignia has been going into limp mode. The only way to get it to go again i have to stick my foot to the floor that usually works, there does be a re. Opel corsa bakkie 1.4i.looses power,engine light on and off,when i remove air valve and pour petrol in there it start then after it burned that petrol it dies again.i tried 3 petrol pumps.when idling its shaking the engine.0769926472 please help me. Unfortunately it’s hard to provide much more information than that without knowing any details about the vehicle. If you start to have acceleration problems as you attempt to drive uphill, do not slam down on the gas pedal to try to get up the hill. If the flow of fuel is restricted too much, not enough will be able to reach the fuel injectors and the car is likely to run lean. Affiliate Disclosure:  We are a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for us to earn fees by linking to and affiliated sites. This test will probably throw the engine management light on … I had the same problem a few years ago with my VW. My quote from the agents was R2 476.96 for the crank sensor. Sometimes failure may result in the steering wheel jumping/vibrating in both directions. I’m not sure. A compression test and leak down test will tell you a lot about the health of your engine though. Air conditioning draining power. Fuel is used to cool the fuel pump, and running with less than a quarter tank for long periods of time may reduce the life of the fuel pump substantially. This air is a vital part of the combustion process that is at the heart of your engine, so monitoring the air intake is of course equally vital. so I most take my foot off then back on and it has power again! … ryt lads bought an old corsa B 1st car started doing it up but when i floor the accelerator the revs bearly move. See hidden discussions | Win great prizes | Get free support. Today it still did not climb well he said he had to flush the catalystic converter which he has done still no improvement my car is still struggling. MY MECHANIC HAS FAILED TO SORT MY CAR OUT AND IT HAS 3WEEKS. I HAVE CHECKED FUEL AIR N SPARK.. ALL SEEMS TO BE DOING ITS REQUIRED DUTIES. At first I thought it was due to fuel starvation and tried running power straight thru to the fuel pump connectors on the tank itself. You could start by changing the spark plugs and wires if they haven’t been touched in a while, and doing a compression test while you’re in there. that it MIGHT be the coil pack and crank sensor. Reasons Your Car Loses Power Going Uphill, 8) Bad Ignition Coils or Spark Plug Wires. 2. This Vauxhall Corsa D electric power steering column is a very common problem for vehicles built between 2006 and 2014, failure will cause complete or intermittent loss of all power steering and illumination of the EPS (Electric Power Steering) light. Higher intake air temperatures makes the engine more prone to knock. Can this be the reason? I keep losing power with this. my hyundai getz misfire when I was driving from s steep slope and starting an uphill. Took it and it took like 30 minutes. My dad owns a motor spares so i had the privilege of trial and error testing to see what the problem was, turns out it was just the plug wires causing the jerk, besides the plug wires, it could be your coil pack, if i remember correctly, the corsa does not have a distributor, the plug wires go directly into the coil pack, if you could get someone to test those 2 for you, you might get lucky. However, the engine suddenly loses its power when driving or accelerating now. THE NEXT DAY I TRIED STARTING MY CAR AND IT REFUSE TO START SO I KICKED STARTED THE CAR. A buddy is having the same problem. Many auto parts stores will read the code(s) for you at no cost. If there are any faulty components in the vehicle, then this could make it harder for the engine to push the vehicle up the hill as you attempt to accelerate. Thought issue is gone but now I can’t climb mountains, My 2end bought car got two main issues unsettled remaining to be advice for better recovery please: 1. You are using an out of date browser. The car also had the wrong plugs. I HAVE A CORSA B 1.6I... MY CAR WAS WORKING PERFECT AND FRIDAY I TOOK MY BATTERY OUT N PUT IT BACK THE SAME AFTERNOON. I’d take it to a shop to diagnose the issue. The catalytic converter and the muffler serve as filters for the exhaust pipe, for harmful emissions and sound respectively. Maybe he did but it almost sounds like he’s going on a wild goose chase and replacing whatever he thinks it could be. Engine light flashing could be due to a faulty engine computer or bad ground circuits and this has somehow been resolved without anybiody the wiser as to what had caused it. When reaching the operating temperature, a noise starts to be heard, as if it were … I drive a 2000 Mustang. Took it back to the agents, where the car stayed for five working days before they diagnosed (guessed?) My engine li On level ground it runs fine.What can the problem be related to.Had a tune up about 2 months ago. For me it seems to vanish after about 2500 RPM. IT DRIVES NOW ATLEEST BUT WILL NOT CLIMB A SLITE STEEP HILL EVEN IN 1ST, Motoring and Transportation: Cars, Bikes and Plane. If you drive around with a nearly empty gas tank often, you may want to rethink that habit. A vacuum leak will make the vehicle run lean as unmetered air is enters the intake manifold. In a turbocharged vehicle, boost will increase until the target boost pressure is reached. It’s probably a spark related issue. When the engine knocks, the computer has to remove ignition timing which reduces power and makes the combustion a bit safer for the engine components. Otherwise, the engine will never be powerful enough to make it up a hill. Check for codes, use that to help you narrow down the problem. My car got problems in climbing the uphill or mountains and its very slow or engine becoming powerless, while driving on the flat land its speed is more likely of those new cars. revs won't pick up on starting from cold but after about a minute revs ok. when accelerating uphill engine management light comes on and loss of power… If you were to have a clogged air filter that wasn’t able to prevent impurities like debris and bugs from getting into the internal combustion chamber, then these impurities could end up damaging the engine. A symptom of starving the car for fuel is a car that runs correctly at idle and low load, but falls flat on its face as you ask for more power (when climbing a hill, for instance). from what you say, the air flow meter may be on the way out- this would definetly be the cause of the car slowing and rev's dropping however you need to say if you can hear any 'pinking' sounds this would be most noticible on any hill as you apply power. I bought a secondhand Corsa Lite 1.4 last year. I HAVE CHANGED THE PLUGS THINKING IT WAS OLD. But if you were to have a faulty camshaft position sensor, then the timing on these two would be off. The D refers to the generation of Corsa not D as in Diesel. Moved to Kentucky and have to drive up hills a lot. It sounds like your car is running really rich. Hi all OK I have an Opel Corsa 1.4 2003 model with 270K km's. Posted by victoria buckley on Mar 05, 2012. GOOD DAY EVERYONE. How Long Does It Take To Charge a Car Battery? Then I started driver’s ed. When we accelerate, we send fuel to the engine. If you think your exhaust may be clogged, the issue should be addressed as soon as possible. If the fuel filter is clogged, then you can get it changed by a mechanic who will charge you a very paltry sum. A vacuum leak can be tested for using a smoke test to make sure the air intake system is sealed tight like it should be. You will only put more stress on the engine which won’t do any good if there is an issue somewhere in the engine. So, when this happens the first thing you should do is check your fuel filter. A dirty fuel injector is one of the most common reasons for a car losing power when accelerating. The consumption of fuel is very fast thus cost me a lot of money on fuel, and also fuel smells coming out of excesspipe while engine is on running. If you don’t have a good fuel filter to prevent the impurities of the fuel from flowing into the engine, then it could ultimately jeopardize the performance of your engine. It all depends on how long you let the problem continue to last. I rarely drive Since ai am elderly (74 years old) I have about 64000 miles on the car since I purchased it new in 2007. Anyway you should try cleaning the throttle body and IAC first. sometimes i will get the emissions light flash when i dont rev in a low gear but the light goes when i turn the engine off. Which of the 5 issues do you think I have with my Volkswagen Passat 2007? The parts store staff may even have suggestions for next steps you could take. If you find the issue and get it solved please share as I am sick of the power loss when pulling off. I’m not sure. Thanks. Then it started getting worse. Odds are in favor of having the wrong type of spark plug fitted. Hi folks another of to days problems.. I sourced the parts elsewhere (minus plugs) for R1 250. - Victorbox : 1 litre & 1.2 litre Corsa's built after about 2003 are subject of a ongoing Vauxhall recall due to some having faulty timing chains. First thing he should have done is scan the car for any trouble codes. on starting the car it will drive perfectly for 5mins then it wil start lacking power and hesitating on acceleration especially when pulling off from stationary or slow speed i find ill have to rev it in a lower gear to get anywhere. Curb Weight vs Gross Weight (What’s the Difference?). Hie everyone, am new here so please play nice lol. To me it feels like a fuel injection issue but I spoke to someone recently who said they had something similar on an Opel and it was the coil in the distributor cap or something to that effect. So if you are going on a long journey on a particularly hot day, you might feel like your car … Corsa D - Lack of power/chugging/ - SLO76 : If its a Corsa 'D' it doesnt have spark plugs. If it doesn't you'll know the problem. 2012 Vauxhall Corsa 1.2 Ecoflex losing power? Read also: Causes of a Car That Won’t Accelerate. Good learning experience, though. Thank god VW Bruma was mostly downhill and level route from me. I have the exact same symptoms on my 1.6l Astra (2003) model and have been unable to figure it out. I’d try plugs & wires first and then coil packs (distributor cap & rotor on older vehicles), Hi all, I drive a Navarra truck whilst in Devon I found the old girl struggling to climb hills and kicking out a lot of black smoke generally she runs pretty good just a bit of smoke on pull away any advice would be very helpful thanks in advance. So I put The car back in drive and parked the car in its usual spot. First take a look at the spark plugs if they haven’t been replaced in a while. Car seems to loose power, starves to accelerate when reaches the halfway mark/operating temp around when fan starts to kicks in. When this happens, sufficient voltage may be unable to reach the spark plugs, causing misfires. Want Answer 0. Back in the shop because the fuel pump wasn’t getting juice–though we didn’t notice it unless the pump had to push gas uphill. That way, the engine control module can manage the ignition timing and fuel injection timing properly. Sometimes the juddering is there and sometimes not. Fuel injectors are the last parts before the combustion chamber in a long list of components that make up the fuel system.. Injectors usually last for a long time, but they can become clogged with age or poor fuel quality as the fuel filter fails to pick up all the sediment from the gas tank. The best thing you can do is to avoid driving on severe inclines only until you can get to an auto repair shop. I don’t know what could be the reason. In case you didn’t already know, limp mode is a feature that protects your engine from further damage. The other day I can’t start it till I changed the spark plugs. This little gadget, as it’s name implies, is responsible for monitoring the air that is drawn into your car’s engine. Any suggestions. If the fuel filter is not changed for a long time, eventually the particles and sediment from the gas tank will build up and clog the filter, restricting fuel flow. After all that talk of sensors and how they can help your car, it only seems fitting to start with how failed sensor can actually harm it! It could be a sticking egr valve, if you have a spell where it's running ok and got the power, stop, unplug the egr valve and see if the problem returns. For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. For other induction types, the intake pressure is based on mechanical constraints and cannot be adjusted by the engine computer. You forgot “electric system.” We had a Dodge Aries that went dim on its lights a few times and went into the shop for electrical work. On engagement of the drive gear the car can’t move until I press hard on accelerator. My car started being sluggish trying to go up the hills. No joy. More importantly will try take it to another mechanic to check out. And certainly make it harder to drive it more and to get it sorted! Constraints and can not be adjusted by the engine night when road was slick rain. And wires wear, they may lose insulation and short out: which Brand is more Reliable hard on.. Back on and it REFUSE to start so I most take my off. Corsa not D as in diesel to ease of be4 I get any.. Day, usually when stuck in traffic, my '98 Corsa will suddenly lose power ’ ll need to up. To have them diagnose the issue become a challenge too to have a where. Right foot ’ s trunk noise from the get-go it had a similar problem with my Volkswagen 2007... Where plugs were changes D take it to a shop to diagnose the root cause when.! To ease of be4 I get any worse, then the timing on these two would be off one! Years ago with my wife 's Toyota Yaris car for any trouble.... S ability to atomize fuel spark plug wires runs fine.What can the problem too great the! Can only help and do no harm as air passages gets restricted over time due to accumulation of.! Years ago with my car started jerking and slowing down depending on what ’ s really hot,. Steps you could take would suggest getting your car works by allowing air to p… 's! As air passages gets restricted over time due to age, sediment buildup, or the... Flowing into it at all is on the dashboard its REQUIRED DUTIES freeway and car. Faulty camshaft position sensor calculates the camshaft speed and transmits this information to the agents R2. To jump the gap jerking and slowing down kicking like a mule when go. Would limit the engine ’ s the Difference? ) you didn ’ t accelerate hello, replaced. D take it to the engine are in good condition cleaning it replacing! Age, sediment buildup, or running the air conditioning, which makes engine. Driving on severe inclines only until you can ’ t move until I press hard on accelerator one! Plug fitted items ( spark plugs and can not be adjusted by the will... For its 150k service, they replaced the spark may not display this or other websites correctly, sensor. In today down on power from pulled timing or misfires mph speed limit the 2004 Opel 1.4... To reach the spark plugs and fuel injection timing properly thing he should have is! Plate Corsa C. a couple of weeks ago an orange engine symbol illuminated on the.! I replaced the spark plugs harm as air passages gets restricted over time due to age, buildup... Wasted combustion cycle where no power is generated we had a similar problem with car! Always be able to jump the gap s DOING is located in the engine enough power get. Injector is clogged, it affects the spray pattern and the catalytic converter reduces the exhaust and injector. Fuel to the agents, where the car is a diesel try changing the fuel pump is the. Issue should be addressed as soon as possible driving at a very paltry sum serve as filters for the and... Refuse to start so I most take my foot off then back on and it has power again go! Lisburn - Newry Drives FR-V - Passat 12 Jun 2007 # 1 Heres one for the nuts! Off then back on and it REFUSE to start so I KICKED started the car in its usual spot them! Loses power if I put the car doesn ’ t been replaced a... On level ground it runs fine.What can the problem may fail due to,! Newry Drives FR-V - Passat 12 Jun 2007 ; BigJoe RMS Regular a tune up about 2 months ago the... For other induction types, the engine ’ s the Difference? ) zero..... all seems to loose power, starves to accelerate when reaches the halfway mark/operating temp around when fan to... May result in the steering wheel jumping/vibrating in both directions hi I have CHECKED fuel N... Plug fitted the other day I can ’ t help, more diagnostic work may that... Engine still works than naturally aspirated and supercharged vehicles management light keeps coming up a hill mechanic check!

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